Respect word on roses

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have an unforgettable end-of-life celebration

Respect word on roses
Aretha Franklin is a musical inspiration and legendary artist that will live in everyone’s memory for all of eternity.

Such a momentous woman deserves nothing short of the best celebration of her
influential life. Aretha Franklin’s home-going commemoration consisted of a 4-day celebration with loved ones, fans, musical tributes and admiring memories of such a phenomenal woman.

A funeral consisting of various outfit changes for her open casket and a 1940’s Cadillac
hearse to carry her shining gold casket is nothing short of an unforgettable celebration of life.

But Aretha Franklin isn’t the only one that can have memorable funeral.

Much like Franklin’s funeral, the details in any funeral matters. When your preplan your funeral, you have the opportunity to choose those important details and avoid issues and disagreements among family later.

It was no coincidence that Franklin was carried in the same hearse as civil rights icon Rosa Park. It was due to preplanning her funeral that allowed those details to come into fruition.

Even the three-time heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali began planning his funeral service years prior to his passing. Ali had specific wishes he wanted to be followed, like where his final resting place would be. When you preplan, you can specify details like if you want to be cremated or buried and where you want to be laid to rest.

Leaving your wishes unknown can bring about even more stress for your loved ones. By preplanning your own funeral, you can comfort your family during a difficult time. The details in any funeral matter to grieving loved ones. Please give us a call to learn more about how we can help you create a record of your wishes and gain peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
Posted: September 07, 2018