How I Started Over in the New Year After Grief

Starting over is hard. Especially starting over after the loss of a loved one but what better time than the beginning of a new year to start fresh with a new positive outlook on life?

Here are a few ways I am taking advantage of the New Year to start fresh with a few resolutions focused of self-care.

Start A New Hobby
This may sound like a typical thing to have on your list, but it’s there for a reason. The idea of making all these resolutions to complete in one year can seem like a daunting task so starting small is a good way to ease into it. You can pick something you’ve always wanted to try but never did, so it becomes something you’re excited to do. Some hobby ideas can include yoga, DIY projects, baking, and reading.

Clean Your Living Space
Yes, usually cleaning is done on a regular basis. However, after a loved one has passed away, it could have been moved to the back burner with all the other things you were dealing with. Find a free day and block it off. That gives you the entire day to clean up any clutter, redecorate, and revamp your space. Doing this could result in an improvement of your mood and happiness.

Work On Getting More Sleep
How long and how well you sleep helps determine how your day goes. Without getting proper rest, you could be tired and irritable, making an unpleasant experience for you and the people around you. Try to get a good night time routine down, and sleep sooner. If it seems like you have too much to do all the time, try starting with thirty minutes to an hour of extra sleep. That small amount will help make a difference.

Do Something Nice Every Day
Can you think of a time someone went out of their way to be nice to you? It could have been as simple as opening the door for you or complimenting your sweater. It probably made you smile and helped brighten up your day. Do the same for people and help brighten their day now. If doing something nice every day is something you’ve already been doing, keep doing it. This is one of those resolutions that never goes out of style and benefits both the giver and receiver.

Spend More Time With Friends & Family
Spending time with friends and family is essential, especially when recovering from the death of a loved one. Having that support from them will make the day-to-day easier. You never know what life may bring one or two years down the road, so take the chance to be around them when possible. It can be something as simple as inviting them over for dinner or going to see a movie.

Enjoy Life
This comes off as a broad resolution, but that’s because there are endless possibilities. The main idea is to do what makes you happy. If you feel like you’ve just been going through the motions, then this is your chance to do something that makes you excited to start your day.

Posted: January 14, 2019