Obituary photo of Bruce Smith, Casper-WY
In Loving Memory of

Bruce B. Smith

1928 - 2019
Obituary photo of Bruce Smith, Casper-WY
In Loving Memory of

Bruce B. Smith

1928 - 2019
Bruce B Smith
The man we love left behind him…

91 Years
33,560 Days
805,483 Hours
48,327,565 Minutes
1 Son-in-law
2 Grandchildren
(Todd & Shari)
7 Great Grandchildren
(Jenelle, Tyler, Tasha,
Halie, Vin, Autumn, Kelsey)
4 Great Great Grandchildren
(Stella, Marley, Britta, Vincent)
1 Sister
Many nieces and nephews
A few that he called friend
1 Blessed Life

Bruce B Smith was born in Enid, Oklahoma in 1928. He made Casper Wyoming his home for more than 60 years. An antique dealer, writer and a man of many stories. With his last breath he smiled, letting us know he had found his parents Dan and Rose, siblings Bill, Betty, Bonnie, Dan and Benson, wife Darlyne, his daughter Dianna, and close friends waiting at the gates of heaven for him on Christmas Eve.

He left this writing for us to share with you.

The Day Will Come
If I can live to make some face smile and to give or even start a bit of comfort to any aching heart
A shine to some tearful eye or cheer some stranger passing by
If I can lend a little help to the troubled or perhaps defend their rights, though my lips be bare
A few will know that I was there and on that day all will be well
If I can hear the angels tell
While dark clouds pass and the sun does shine
He did his best for one of thine..
Remember me! BBS

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