How to Enable Pop-ups in Your Browser

If you are unable to make a payment through the website, your internet browser may be blocking pop-up windows, which are necessary to continue.

Here is some information on how to allow pop-ups from our website in most popular browsers. Select your browser from the list for instructions on allowing pop-ups.


In Firefox, you can add specific websites to an approved list. Once you add a site to this list, you can always see pop-ups from that site. Here is how to manage pop-up blocker settings in Firefox. The website you want to allow is


Chrome also allows you to add sites to an approved list. Please see Google's support documentation for how to do this. The website you want to allow is


Even if you have enabled Safari’s pop-up blocker, you will still be able to use the payment website.

Internet Explorer

Please visit Microsoft's FAQ for instructions on how to turn Internet Explorer's pop-up blocker off. If you have an older version of Internet Explorer, please scroll down the page for instructions.