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Melinda was so thoughtful, helpful and went out of her way to make sure my Aunt was taken care of. Planning the funeral was fast and easy. Kim and David made sure my aunt got from the state she lived in back to Casper safe. They made sure we were apart of every step of the process. Melinda, Kim and David were such a blessing to me during this heartbreaking time. Thank you so much!
~ Rachel   D. - 7/24/2018
Melanie has been a guiding light for us through this entire process. She's comforting, kind, efficient, thorough and quick to reply. She made wonderful memorial folders & was very good to our entire large family. She showed patience & kindness, as well as everyone we encountered at Newcomer.
~ Sheila   T. - 6/25/2018

Kind Kim listened to the family's wants and needs. Thank you for all you do not only for us but everyone else you help during these times. My Nana looked beautiful and we could feel she was treated with respect and tenderness. Staff were amazing. 
~ Paula   S. - 6/25/2018

All staff were wonderful & kind to our family. We appreciate the staff & their willingness to create a smooth transition for our family. They were compassionate & kind.
~ Herver   M. - 5/15/2018

Eric was so very kind and did all he could for our family. Your company went above & beyond for our family. There is nothing I would change. Thank you.
~ Marlene   F. - 4/27/2018
My family & I were so pleased with every part of the funeral, from the quality of the casket to the absolutely perfect preparation. From start to finish Kim treated me with respect, professionalism and genuine caring. She made the funeral process much easier to go through. Eric and Sara. These people were like Kim, the epitome of what funeral home staff should be like. Their air of reverence added so much to the service.
~ Carol   K. - 4/27/2018
I was very pleased with all services and representatives. I wish I could remember names. All staff were very pleasant and comforting during this time. Totally impressed with all services, staff and the facility. Keep up the compassion that was shown to us and you will be around for a long time. Thank you all very much.
~ Regina   H. - 4/21/2018

every business deserves some constructive criticism, however I have none to offer. Every single person, the facility, the respect you showed my husband and even the cost exceeded my expectations. 
~ Christy   D. - 4/12/2018

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