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Melinda is so compassionate and understanding. She went above and beyond to help us. The service was amazing! The compassion was amazing, everyone is so helpful and sweet. 
~ Christine   F. - 7/27/2020

Even though loosing someone you love is overwhelming, Newcomer has always has shown extreme kindness. They never hurry you into making hastey decisions. Newcomer helped make the ordeal go as smoothly as possible. Newcomer handled my sister and my father with care, and now my sweet Dave. The staff that helped me were very kind and patient. 
~ Cathy   P. - 6/22/2020

My father passed away unexpectedly two days prior to a move I was making out of state. Kim met with me and made my entire situation feel peaceful. My family and I were extremely pleased with everything. All of the staff was accommodating and excellent.
~ Starrla   B. - 6/8/2020

Melinda, I must say, I worked for Newcomer for 2 years. Worked side by side with all funeral directors, and let me tell you, They have such love for what they do and professionalism in their work. I recently helped my family go through a hard time with a close friend loosing her husband, and seeing it from the other side is even more amazing! Melinda, you have the most beautiful, kind, caring heart. You did and made everything for this service 100%. Kim, the Manager has the best team in the world. Thank you for all you have done for my family and David's wife. EVERY family should use you folks. Love always, Rachel
~ Rachel   D. - 2/19/2020

The staff was so very helpful and kind. Melinda was very caring and we were very satisfied with the services for my sister. The funeral home was very comfortable and inviting. 
~ Diane   H. - 1/3/2020

Newcomer was represented very well at the memorial service at Word Fellowship. The overall experience was definitley made easier considering the circumstance. Thanks again for your patience, knowledge and help during this time. 
~ Norm   B. - 12/9/2019

3 years ago we used Newcomer for Dad's funeral, in October I called to make arrangements for Mom's funeral. Kim pulled up Dad in the system and it was very convienient for us girls to follow what mom did for dad, thank goodness. Thanks for everything, you all are amazing. 
~ Michele   K. - 11/1/2019

Newcomer was there for our family from the beginning and assisted us with every aspect of honoring our Mom with compassion and dignity. Melinda and Chelsea were both wonderful and assisted with every detail. Melinda made the entire process so much easier our family - we would not have been able to do it without her gentle guidance. 
~ Anne   B. - 10/17/2019

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